New AUTOPROFI 43199 Copper Spray Laquer

Product properties
Copper lacquer spray with a high copper percentage is weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant and fast drying. A long lasting water
resistant acrylic-protection layer builds up and protects even damaged areas.

Coating on various surfaces, fixes damaged surfaces, protection-sealant for piping, metal constructions, underfloor of cars.
Area of application
Shake well before use. The surface which will be treated must be cleaned with a metal brush or better sand-spray it. The surface
has to be fat-free and clean. Best temperature for use is between 16-32°C. In order to get the best result keep a distance to the
treated surface of 25-30 cm while spraying.
Depending on Application
Reaction time
Permanently after drying

Available size 400ml Item no. 43199

AUTOPROFI 43199 Copper Spray Laquer

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