AUTOPROFI 43236 Automatic Transmission Conditioner

Product properties
Reduces friction, facilitates the switching operation and supports the preservation of gaskets and seals. This results in smoother
shifting of gears and in a prolonged life span. The redeposition of resins and similar soilings is delayed.
- Increases the life span of the automatic transmission - the oxidation is slowed
- Reduces friction, operating and maintenance costs
- Optimum lubrication is guaranteed
- Improved power output
- Reduces heat loss
- Extends the oil change intervals
Our product is suitable for all automatic transmissions and automatic transmission fluids.

For all torque converter, CVT and DSG transmissions except wet clutch.
Area of application
Add the Automatic Transmission Conditioner to the automatic transmission fluid and drain it together with the old one.
150 ml for 1 ltr. oil
Reaction time
Works during operation

Available size 250ml Item no. 43236

AUTOPROFI 43236 Automatic Transmission Conditioner

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