AUTOPROFI 43151 Hand Cleaning Paste + Care

Product properties
Hand Cleaning Paste + Care removes severe soiling such as oils, greases and powder with natural abrasive ingredients derived
from corn flour. It cleanses thoroughly and gently on the skin with a natural-based moisturizer.
- Does not clog drains
- Contains ingredients of coconut oil, which ensures a good moisturizing effect after washing
- Neutral pH on skin
- Silicone and solvent-free
- Tested by dermatologists with "very good" rating
Separate accessories available: Pump Dispenser Premium (19060) & Wall bracket System (19061) or in the set Pump Dispenser
Premium & Wall bracket System (19062)

For industrial and workshop areas
Area of application
Rub into dirty, dry hands until the dirt comes loose. Add a little water, wash thoroughly and rinse well. One dispenser dosage is
sufficient for a deep hand cleaning.
Depending on the application

Available sizes 4L Item no. 43151

AUTOPROFI 43151 Hand Cleaning Paste + Care

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