AUTOPROFI 43222 Lead Substitute Concentrate 1:1000

Product properties
Lead Substitute Concentrate 1:1000
Specially adapted additive combination for older fuel engines whose valve seats need leaded fuel for lubrication. Its excellent
lubrication porperties prevent valve seat tear, help against loss of compression and power and prevent engine damage. Lubricates
and protects non hardened valve seats of tear. Perfect reliability for older vehicles. Does not contain metal organic compounds.
Simple application with dosage bottle.

For use in the fuel system of petrol engines.
Area of application
Fill directly into the petrol tank. Observe mixing ratio. Avoid overdose. Suitable for vehicles with retrofit catalysts.
250 ml for 250 ltr. petrol
Reaction time
Works during operation

Available size 250ml Item no. 43222

AUTOPROFI 43222 Lead Substitute Concentrate 1:1000

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