AUTOPROFI 43208 Diesel Applicator Spray

Product properties
Diesel Applicator Spray for cleaning of the air intake of diesel engines. Even highly adhesive and heavy deposits will be removed
without residue. In this case, the complete valve and intake system, especially inlet valves, piston rings, top land and the entire
combustion chamber will not only be cleaned but also lubricated and protected.

Service product for use in diesel powered engines. Recommended for engines with particulate filter, turbo and catalytic converter.
Area of application
Shake well before use. Do not fill in to the diesel tank. Spray while the engine running into the air intake system of the diesel
engine. If the engine runs smoothly, spray the product constantly in the air intake pipe, in rough engine running in short bursts.
Note! The engine has to run at 2000-2500 revs per minute during application.
400 ml sufficient for 1-2 applications
Reaction time
approx. 20 sec

Available size 400ml Item no. 43208

AUTOPROFI 43208 Diesel Applicator Spray

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