AUTOPROFI 43196 Silicone Spray

Product properties
Silicone Lube is a combination of active substances on silicone basis with outstanding glide and protection qualities. Silicone Lube
eliminates unpleasant squealing noises of plastic parts and impregnates and isolates the contact surfaces. Silicone Spray is free
from grease and mineral oil and leaves a dry lubricating and protecting film.

Ideal suitable as separation, sliding -, maintenance - and preservatives for rubber, plastic, and metal. Maintenance and care
product in the automotive, industrial and budgetary matters.
Area of application
Spray evenly and thinly onto the parts to be treated and let it dry.
Depending on Application

Available size 400ml Item no. 43196

AUTOPROFI 43196 Silicone Spray

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